What is a website?


In simple words, a Website can be defined as a space among the World Wide Web used to display specific information.

We can see many types of websites, each one having different functions. For example, we have basic websites, which displays information. The privileges of these websites are limited, as the user can only read the information displayed in these websites. But, high end websites like e-commerce websites, online directories, classifieds, blogs etc have certain functions and privileges. While accessing these websites, visitors can do many sort of things like user registration, content search, data broadcast, online purchase etc.

Types of  Websites:

There are mainly 2 types of websites: Static & Dynamic

Static Websites:

As the name indicates, these websites are static. The contents inside the website can not be changed once it is published. These websites are built mainly using the basic html protocol. The highlight of there websites are that, they are very fast to operate.

Dynamic Websites:

Dynamic websites are just the opposite, we can add, edit or delete the contents anytime using the website’s admin privileges. We use many programming languages to build these complex systems, like php, .net, java script etc. These websites mainly have 2 parts – A front end and a back end. A front end is related to the websites appearance and style, where the back end deals with the data handling. The major dynamic websites are:

  • Blogs and Forums
  • E-Commerce Websites
  • Directories
  • Classifieds
  • Booking Systems
  • Banking Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence etc

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