What is a Domain?


A domain can be defined as the web address that locates the area of your stored data in the World Wide Web.

To understand this well, we can use an example. For that, you have to consider a website as your home. So, what will you need to build a house?

No doubt, first of all you need a plot. If you don’t have one, you have to buy an appropriate plot for your house. The size of the plot depends on the house you are planning to build. If you are planning a small house, a small plot will do. But if you wish to build a big one, you need a bigger plot. Like that, if you want to build a website, you need an appropriate plot in the World Wide Web, which is called as hosting space. So the hosting space you need depends on the nature of the website you are about to build. For a basic website, small space will be enough. But for a website with more functionality, you may need more space.

After purchasing the plot, we need building materials to build our house. Like this, after purchasing the space, we may need website building tools to create our website. Using the appropriate tool, we can finish building our desired website.

So, now you have finished the construction and your house is open for visitors. What if one of your friend want to visit your new home? You have to send him the address, so that he can reach the correct location. Your address is the only thing your friend need to reach you correctly. Just like this, your website need a unique address in the World Wide Web for the users to reach your website correctly. This web address is called as a domain. Eg: www.yourwebsite.com

The end of a domain after the “.” (dot) is referred to “tld”. There are many “tld” available in the market. Eg: .com, .in, .net, .org etc.

We also call domain as “url” “web address” etc!

If you need any clarification regarding this topic, please feel free to leave a comment below. We shall clear it asap!

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